Welcome to Durable Purpose

Welcome! Durable Purpose takes its name from a fairly dull academic paper. (Political science, I think.) For anyone who’s ever taken a dramatic writing workshop, you could say that identifying a durable purpose looms very large when it comes to contemplating the lives of your characters– what do they want? In my teaching, finding a “purpose” has taken on a life of its own; students struggle for weeks for articulate a concise “statement of purpose” that will guide them to a strong speech.

I’ve become obsessed with the durable purpose.

I can’t promise this title will be more than title, but it might be a theme every now and again.

This main page will be where I’m updating you on what’s happening. My suggestions for where your hard-earned cultcha dollars should be put will be categorized under “Out & About Recommendations.” My writing on other blogs and forums will be cross-posted. And eventually, images and videos from past projects will be found archives here, too. If curious, click the links of friends and fun places on the left. Thanks for visiting.


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