Upcoming Reading: Sylvie Ann

Save the date, all: Friday, November 20th, 2009. The very talented Alexis McGuinness and I are organizing a reading of my new full-length, Sylvie Ann. She’s got a fabulous headshot so I’ll include it here– though she’s in the producer seat this time around. and I’m grateful to her for that.


This reading will be primarily for feedback purposes, since it’s in an early draft stage. So we’ll be inviting friends and curious on-lookers to join in the round table. Stay tuned for more details; location and exact time TBA. For now, here’s the synopsis:

In the supposed twilight of her career, a university administrator, Sylvie Ann Wine, is shuffled from office to office, skipped over for all the promotional goodies, and left to fend in what is an increasingly hostile environment.
Her only support is an English instructor, Libby Manifold, who endures Sylvie Ann’s struggles with a mixture of amusement and empathy. Libby is used to Sylvie Ann’s daily paranoid ramblings at lunch time, but one day the paranoia turns out to be well-founded: Sylvie Ann is fired after many years of dedicated service. Her boss suggests that it’s due to certain radical political activities involving her son that have recently come to light.

Not content to accept her termination, Sylvie Ann takes matters into her own hands, infiltrating the institution from within. But Sylvie Ann’s desperate attempt to regain her dignity spirals out of control when she stumbles upon something much bigger than her small position. Between discovering environmental cover-ups and negotiating the warring personalities she has assembled together, Sylvie Ann quickly realizes that the place she’s worked for decades is far more complicated than she could have imagined.


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