Waterlogged in Red Hook

Eugene Michael Santiago (Captain Horus) rehearses. Photo credit: Howard Wallach

What if you went to college and met a bunch of ladies (and a few gentlemen) you wanted to make theatre with and you all read inspirational Gertrude Stein essays and you decided to form a company that would alternate its power structure and keep making shows through group collaboration and experimentation with language and landscape and form? And then you decided to do one such show on a boat in Red Hook surrounded by choppy waters with views of the Statue of Liberty on one side and Fairway on the other? You’d be the theatre company Polybe + Seats.

I sat in on some rehearsals for their last show, A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things and chatted with the writer and director so I could write a preview of their show for the Brooklyn Rail. If you snoozed through their April edition, read it now! The play is no longer, but why not linger?