Your Chance to Sing With 99 Other People

Composer/Lyricist Stephanie Johnstone will be rehearsing her ambitious 100-person choir piece at the Church of St. Joseph. If you’ve ever thought it would be a laugh to vocalize a poem with 99 other people in a festival on Governor’s Island after two days of rehearsal, here’s your chance! I’m forwarding her call for crooners below…
You!  And also all your friends, lovers, coworkers, neighbors, students, teachers, parents, grandparents, children (ages 10 and up, please). Anybody who loves singing and feels comfortable carrying a tune is most welcome!

A choir of over a hundred people singing my simple, celebratory setting of Carrie Foulkes’s poem, “Love Commence” outside on the grass on Governor’s Island in the Figment Festival!!!
More about Figment.

More about me, Stephanie Johnstone.

Participants must attend one or both rehearsals:
Wed. 6/8 from 1-4 p.m. and/or Thurs. 6/9 from 7-10 p.m. (at the Church of St. Joseph in Brooklyn, 856 Pacific Street).

AND one or both of the performance days. Between noon and 6 on each of the days, we will perform the five minute piece 4 times (or fewer); when we’re not singing, we can be enjoying the rest of the festival.  (The specific schedule will be announced soon by Figment.)

Saturday, 6/11 and/or Sunday, 6/12 (on Governor’s Island)
I hope it will be a fun and gorgeous time for all involved!  I’m interested in creating the unique and transient utopia which materializes when multitudes of people raise their voices in song together.  I’ve been craving the chance to create something highly inclusive and simple and joyous, and this is it!

When I first heard Carrie’s poem, I was struck by the idea that lots and lots of people singing together outside on the grass was the only way to musicalize it.  I am excited for the particular way in which her words and my music (and your voices!) can celebrate the beauty of basic human connection and of what we all hold in common.
Figment, if you don’t know already, is a festival of public and participatory art.  It has everything from parades to dance pieces to site-specific art installations to drum circles to mini-golf courses.  Last year, I came back giddy and inspired, sun-kissed and sparkly (literally drenched in glitter).  I am thrilled and honored to be contributing this piece to the festival this year.
Two Important Steps:1) Email lovecommence[at]gmail[dot]com with your contact information and any questions you have.AND2) Go to this link and select the dates you will be attending:

It is essential to do BOTH of these things in order to participate! And please do them as soon as possible.