Get Out Hide Out Help Out Fight

In progress. A dark comedy about an Active Shooter Preparedness Training that exposes deep rifts in a university department confronting its own demise. Can they withstand the militarization of their institution and their relationships?

 The Deck 

In 1972, a white nurse at Brooklyn’s Coney Island Hospital falls into a troubled relationship with a black cop, Benjamin, as a violent conflict erupts over the hospital’s care of minority patients.

Jimmy Carter’s Compromise

During a domestic summit in the midst of an energy crisis, President Jimmy Carter secretly visits an American household, leading to a dangerous collision between his administration and two working-class families. Jimmy Carter’s Compromise uses historical narrative to ask questions about how we balance personal and social dreams in America. (Commissioned by the NYC-based DreamLab, dir. Niegel Smith. Semi-finalist, National Playwrights Conference, O’Neill Theater Center, 2014.)


An Italian-American family in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, auditions for a new reality TV show, but the arrival of their avant-garde artist aunt threatens to derail their plans. Louisa, the family’s aspiring filmmaker, believes they’re the perfect match for Guidofamily, but can’t seem to find the right material. A play about finding conflict in all the wrong places.

Other & older projects

Sylvie Ann

When Sylvie Ann is fired after years of dedicated service to her job, she takes aim at the bureaucracy that took her down, with the help of her disenfranchised co-workers and dysfunctional son. Sylvie Ann is a dark comedy about a woman at the end of her career, fighting for a new beginning . (Finalist, Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers, 2010.)

Gay Pierrot

A clown seeks the cure for cancer in this comedic look at art, queerness and economy. (Developed for the HOT Festival at Dixon Place.)

The Hovering

“[The Hovering] reveals a side of warfare that is rarely explored: the daily struggle of the wives and loved ones who are left at home to wait while their soldiers are deployed overseas. She skillfully blends magical theatricality and stark realism to illuminate the limbo that these women find themselves thrust into.” –Marina McClure, director

(Semi-finalist, 2007 O’Neill playwrights competition and the Reverie Productions Next Generation Playwriting Competition.)

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan

After the 2001 WTO protests, a family of recovering hippies and fervent Dylan addicts weather the tumultuous return of their rebellious teenage daughter and her surprise guest.

Widows of Troy

A collage poem adaptation of Euripides’ The Trojan Women, in collaboration with the Syrup Room (dir. Kristjan Thor).