Cut out the Nonsense (in ‘Ich bin ein Junge’)

07721a_a5ab81633fac4dcd868568fd497762ff.jpg_srz_p_295_290_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Ich bin ein Junge published an excerpt from my writing in progress, Cut Out the Nonsense:

On April 30, 1971, a public debate on Women’s Liberation was held in New York City’s Town Hall. It was not an even match. On one side was Norman Mailer, who had just published The Prisoner of Sex; on the other, four leading feminists: NOW president Jacqueline Ceballos; Germaine Greer, author of The Female Eunuch; Village Voice columnist Jill Johnston; and literary critic Diana Trilling. In 1979, footage of the debate was released under the title Town Bloody Hall. This brilliant and sadly neglected documentary by D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus…shows Mailer at his most combative, struggling in vain to maintain his composure as the women mount a relentless offensive that includes incisive social commentary, sharp-edged wit, and a lesbian cuddle puddle. The following piece reflects on this occasion.